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  • I love my job, to connect with people, meet new like-minded creatives and to regularly receive some updates from my … [Continue Reading]

    Digital Detox Week
  • I so don't like the colder seasons and I wish I could wear my cute little summer dresses throughout the whole year. … [Continue Reading]

    How do I stay in shape? Read my answers to your questions
  • When I first read about Lanzarote and saw these beautiful pictures, I had these amazing images in my head: perfect sandy … [Continue Reading]

    Canary Islands: Lanzarote
  • Damn, this is what I call a HOT distraction. A few minutes ago I came across the new video Animals by Maroon 5 and got … [Continue Reading]

    Maroon 5 – Animals
  • You all know that I am a huge fan of adidas. It does not always have to be all classy with high heels or some 5th Avenue … [Continue Reading]

    adidas shopping haul
  • It's no secret that I am an adrenaline junkie. My mom always tells me it's cause I am a typical Aries that puts the … [Continue Reading]

    My last Scuba Dive…

Random Travel Highlights


xoxo from Lanzarote

As mentioned in a previous travel post, we were heading to Lanzarote (Canary Islands) in order to do a travel story with our personal leisure … [Read More...]

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Lifestyle Stories

social break

I love my job, to connect with people, meet new like-minded creatives and to regularly receive some updates from my friends. I am also very thankful for everything, highly … [Read More...]

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Celebrity News

kelly osbourne

Celebrity of the week: Kelly Osbourne

Well, I know this weeks celebrity shout-out is a lot different, but we all agreed that Kelly Osbourne looks smokin' hot in her bikini. That's the way … [Read More...]

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Random Fashion Bits


So sad news this morning: Oscar de la Renta died at the age of 82. De la Renta made his name in the early 1960s when the then first lady, Jackie Kennedy, frequently wore his … [Read More...]

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Highlights Australia

The Reeflseep pontoon at sunset 2

Reefsleep in the Whitsundays

Sleeping in the middle of Australia's Coral Sea, out on open water, underneath the blue sky, watching the stars and spending some high quality time with your beloved ones. Nope, this is not an illusion, it's possible!! I am talking about … [Read More...]


Australia travel diary: Day 2 – Brisbane Lifestyle

Today it was all about Brisbane lifestyle: sunbathing, shopping, daily life, yummy food and such lovely, relaxed people. By the way, if you cannot wait to receive more insights, check out our Brisbane special. However, I will post my … [Read More...]

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Beauty Highlights


New Hair Color

I am one of those people who get REALLY tan when spending some time in the sun and - unfortunately - my hair almost turns platinum blonde. Honestly, this is my personal nightmare 'cause it makes me look like a "beach barbie" (no offense to … [Read More...]


Facets of Beauty

As promised, I will keep posting more personal stories, since you really seem to like them. Thus, I decided to share some thoughts on our inner beauty with you. To me, EVERY person on earth has something beautiful: it can be your voice, … [Read More...]


Happy Birthday, Burt’s Bees

Burt's Bees is turning 30, and they're celebrating the bees that started it all. On 9/17/14 (actual) Burt will read #burtsbeeday messages to (actual) bees in a live-webcast. I think, this is a pretty neat idea and reason enough to put … [Read More...]

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Hot Movie Stuff


Gone Girl

Gone Girl is a must see this fall season! Directed by David Fincher and based upon the global bestseller by Gillian Flynn, Gone Girl unearths the secrets at the heart of a modern marriage. On the occasion of his fifth wedding anniversary, … [Read More...]

DSC00044 (3)

Movie Highlights during Fall Season

I have to admit that I am so not a fan of fall season - I just don't like it when it's all cold and wet outside so that I cozy up to my fireplace as often as I can. HOWEVER, there is one highlight for me: it's my personal movie season. I … [Read More...]


Dolphin Tale 2

Warner Bros. Pictures and Alcon Entertainment's "Dolphin Tale 2" continues the story of the brave dolphin Winter, whose miraculous rescue and recovery-thanks to a groundbreaking prosthetic tail-made her a symbol of hope and perseverance to … [Read More...]

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